Reflex CSR Policy

CSR Policy Statements
Corporate social responsibility is vitally important to who we are as a company. Our policies ensure that we rigorously adhere to the highest standards in ethical behavior, environmental sustainability, data security and

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Our global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets a high standard for behavioral conduct in areas that include workplace health, safety and environment, human rights, harassment and discrimination, conflicts of interest and gifts and entertainment. Every team member is familiarized with the Code during on boarding and encouraged to report all suspected violations using our Reflex Hotline service in Dubai 800REFLEX or by contacting management, Legal or Human Resources.

Environmental Policy
Reflex recognizes that the long-term health of our business is directly connected to the health of the planet and local communities. We remain focused on sourcing environmental solutions that will lessen our footprint, while serving as an example to our peers. Our Environmental Policy focuses on finding solutions that reduce our own footprint and inspire action in others. Each Reflex operating company identifies and works to minimize relevant environmental impacts, and appoints a senior sustainability leader among its team accountable for performance.

Combating Slavery and Human Trafficking
Reflex is committed to the zero-tolerance policies adopted by the U.S. and other governments to combat slavery or the trafficking of persons for any purpose. Reflex prohibits trafficking-related activities and we expect our suppliers and contractors to uphold these important principles, as well. Reflex encourages the reporting of any suspected violations through the Reflex hotline or other channel, and our policies forbid any form of retaliation for fulfilling this obligation.

Data Security and Privacy
Protecting the privacy of our customers, vendors and employees is critical to our ability to maintain their trust. Reflex fully understands how the risks related to Information Security and Privacy affect our business operations. We take precautions to safeguard sensitive information, to include customer data, in order to ensure a safe and secure online and offline environment.

Triple Bottom line approach
At Reflex we measure our success using the triple bottom line People, Planet and Profit. In this endeavor we invite all stakeholders to join us to ensure we remain a sustainable business.